About Jane

JANE GRAY FORD is an Intuitive Healer/ Hypnotist working in the area of right/left brain technologies. In addition, she works with spirit release and past life therapies. House energy clearing and Geobiology are also part of her more than twenty-year-old practice in Lake Worth, Florida. Jane cuts through the chase and moves energy very rapidly with the assistance of spirit guides who speak with her and provide assistance in the healing work. “I get to the core of a situation and shift it out.”

Jane is always being asked: How did you get into this type of work? You must have been exceptional as a child. “No, no I wasn’t. In fact, my interest in healing came from the fact that I was challenged with allergies and asthma as a child and young adult. Many of my activities were limited. That “incurable” condition provided a deep passion for a greater truth, the truth that after years of research and study I have come to understand. The truth is that MOST diseases and conditions can be healed with some form of ENERGY.”

“Today I haven’t had asthma for the past twenty years. Perfect health? Let’s get real! I share this planet of duality with everyone else. That means that just like everyone else, I am bombarded with all kinds of discordant energy on a daily basis … positive and negative. That causes me to open and close energy patterns which sometimes results in ‘blown circuits’ and ‘brownouts’ … all types of energy blockages. However, I have an advantage that others don’t have. I have the ability to rebalance and fix many conditions.”

How does Jane assist others in their healing? By determining whether or not a subject is ready to heal a condition and then determining the source of the problem. For some, the condition may be instantly healed. For others, this is not the case. Folks, especially those who have been under medical care for a number of years and use prescription drugs, may need to detox body systems and treatment takes a longer period of time.

Jane utilizes methods of healing unique to her. She is able to direct energy anywhere on the planet to a subject simply by hearing a subject’s name. In addition, she has access to the Akashic records and is able to retrieve information about past lives and generational patterns. This enables her to identify emotional/causational factors that have created conditions. Once identified, these conditions can be changed. Jane is also able to implant the vibrations of stones, essential oils, herbs, vibrational medicines and flower remedies into the auric field of the body, thus allowing for the long-term continuation of treatment. She has assisted in healing any number of conditions from cancer to migraines. Jane is frequently quoted as saying, “If you can find it, you can heal it.”

Recently, many changes have taken place on the planet. Metaphysically, these changes have to do with the Earth’s healing and its need to move into a higher vibration. As mankind is the major vibrational energy force on the Earth, it only makes sense that we are responsible for taking it into a higher frequency of energy. That creates a whole new set of challenges from energies that we have not experienced in the past. These energies are presenting themselves so that we can remove the genetic patterns that are our heritage. As we address these patterns and release them on a cellular level, we find that life changes! Don’t panic. The changes are all good. These offer us the opportunity to live in peace, honesty and joy at some point in time. When will this Earth “project” be complete? Much sooner than you think! You’ll know when it has happened but it will require time and patience.


  • A healer can set the environment for healing, but because of FREE WILL, the patient has to agree to allow healing to occur. A HEALER finds a problem and addresses it with the awareness that not everyone who claims to want help will allow it to materialize!  Sometimes patients only want pain relief and do not choose to be healed!
  • Most illnesses in the body are caused by genetic, karmic and lifetime memories that are held in the auric field of the body. As these patterns emerge in the physical body they create low energy patterns that block the flow of energy.
  • The immune system is extremely important in keeping the body healthy. Daily it shields the different body systems from free radicals that tend to pool in low energy areas of the physical body. The job of a healer is to discover and release energy blockages in the body.
  • In order to help someone who is in distress, a  healer must be a good detective, discovering where the problem lies.  It is critical for a healer to look for the CORE issue in the auric field that is causing the blockage.
  • Sometimes a disease is composed of multiple erratic energy patterns and it may take time to heal. A healer must encourage the client to exert patience and offer means by which the energy will heal faster.
  • It is important for a healer to discover what has created a blockage.  It is necessary to focus on what is there and release what can be moved.  Often the subconscious will release the patterns and the condition can be healed without any assistance.
  • Once discordant energy has entered the physical body,  neutralizing it becomes more complicated.  Healing in the traditional manner utilizing medical intervention is effective.
  • Healing the astral body works well with crystals and stones, energy grids, homeopathy, acupuncture, flower essences, energy healing and essential oils.