What Is Energy Healing All About?

GLOBAL HEALING … that’s what it’s all about today. Everyone’s concern today is about the global economy. Are we going to make it, as I scratch my head? Looks pretty gruesome. However, for the past fifty years or so all we’ve been talking about is change. Change in technology, families, medicine and on it goes. Every aspect of life has changed drastically.

I remember when I first became a teacher there were some faculty members who chose to spank students for infractions of rules. I thought this was barbaric. How can you teach children non-violence if you punish them with a paddle? It didn’t make sense then and makes no sense now! Can you imagine that sort of discipline being accepted today in a public school system? NO! Our consciousness has changed. Today we use different standards of discipline. And of course, parents learn that spanking is unacceptable in the home so spanking is out! Where does this lead us as a civilization? It leads us to a point where we no longer believe in fighting wars with physical aggression. We resolve our differences in other ways and become more accepting of differences. Of course, that philosophy does not include other countries, certainly not our mode of discipline.

So what’s happening with Global Healing? Everyone’s going GREEN. Many are trying to recycle and “save the environment”. Is Global Warming what Al Gore claims it to be or is a cycle of change that the Earth goes through? Great debate topic.

Today we are demanding truth from our leaders. This changes the complexion of politics! Honesty and politicians don’t live in the same house according to our perceptions. I live in Palm Beach County, Florida where three of our county commissioners have served jail sentences with their cronies! Many of our Congressmen would be hard pressed if they faced the scrutiny of our local politicians! Oh, and lest I forget, Bernie Madoff has a home here. Many Palm Beachers have financially suffered tremendous losses because of this man. Overnight they have discovered a whole new way of life. CHANGE.

Change hit us where we would feel it the most … right in the pocketbook. No, it wasn’t hurricanes, tornadoes or an earthquake that brought the American people to their knees. It was the real estate market and the stock market that began a decline that has led to a major economic crunch. As a materialistic society, few have escaped! That means that we have to adapt to an entirely new way of living. The huge bonuses, stock options and golden parachutes that the business world relied on may have to exist on a lesser level. Part of the reasoning behind this is that the government is bailing out folks who had their hands in the cookie jar and suddenly the cookie jar broke. The American people have had to replace the “broken cookie jar” and are not going to be generous with it until it’s paid for. Then there are lessons learned.

CHANGE. It had to happen! This is very different from a major disaster that kills millions of people or massive destruction. These two elements that we were told would come to pass are the easy way out. You don’t necessarily learn from them. Instead, we are going back to the spiritual side of life. Recognizing that God exists and that this powerful energy will create a better tomorrow.

2012 has come and gone, the finale of the Mayan calendar, we are witnessing a return to a more spiritual existence. There are two means by which healing can take place: physical and spiritual. In the past, a few churches have focused on the spiritual aspect of healing and that’s about to change. Today it is possible to use your mind to heal, particularly, where chronic diseases are concerned. Many genetic patterns can be healed through the use of spiritual healing. The mind is sooooo powerful! I invite you to open my web site and discover how I have learned, mostly through spirit to heal others with only the use of my mind. I’m also here to inform you that GOD EXISTS!