Healing Experience

Session Overview

The term, Intuitive Healer, refers to an individual who is trained to tune into the energy body of a client in order to read and interpret the energy that lies at the root cause of an illness, disease or life crisis.

As an Intuitive Healer, I see beyond the obvious and read the energy patterns in the body and/or energy field. As a clairsentient /clairaudient, I can determine when a flow of energy is interrupted and begin the healing process. This is accomplished by using my energy field as a broadcast unit.

Often when an intense energy is released, a client will experience a hot flash, feeling of sadness, sleepiness or a sense of peace. The change that takes place energetically, allows the body to enter into a more balanced flow; wherein, healing begins to take place.


Late one evening I was coming downstairs in my home, and I missed
a step! I went flying down the stairs and landed on the tile floor cracking my elbow and both knees. In my hand, I was holding a glass of water. This I held on to and spilled down my back. At that point the pain was severe, and I was in SHOCK.

I asked “spirit” what I should do to heal these injuries as I had no time to be disabled! I was told that I should soak in bath water and while doing so begin utilizing spiritual healing technologies pertaining to light and stone therapies. I did this mentally.

The following morning when I awoke there was no physical evidence that I had even taken a fall. Not even a bruise! Total and complete healing had taken place! The only reminder of the spill was the damp clothing that I had worn.

Often, I take a spill or injure myself. There’s no evidence of that as it is healed within a matter of minutes! I do not believe that I have to suffer from physical injuries or bruises. I’m still a work in progress!

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Complimentary to Medicine
Intuitive Healing works is a multi-level process governed by the powerful energy of LOVE! Human functioning is governed by a master DNA library stored in every cell in the body.

This DNA acts as an informational manual that has the capability of creating the physical body. Composed of matter, contained in a slow-moving complex of energy fields, the body becomes dependent on templates that carry the information for growth, development and repair of the body.

A treatment consists of analyzing and addressing a problem and sending a specific energy designed to correct the imbalance, restoring harmony.

Right Brain Technologies

Right Brain technologies refer to the combining of spiritual/intuitive and logical/ technological. When the two are combined in the healing world the results are extremely powerful! It is said that at the time we acquire 12 strands of DNA that there will be no left brain/right brain. At that time the two will merge and there will be one brain that handles both functions.


What can Hypnosis do for me?

Years ago a client had this to say about her experience with Hypnosis: “It’s been a wonderful experience, Jane. I can’t even begin to tell you.”

“What is so wonderful about it?” I inquired.

“The feeling afterward of being in touch with yourself and feeling as though you are making a positive change that will affect your entire life.”

What are some uses of Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be used for many conditions, some of which include: weight loss, smoking cessation, substance abuse, motivation, stage fright, performance improvement, nightmares and the list goes on. Why is Hypnosis so effective? Because it allows the client to see parts of himself/herself that have been hidden.

What is Spiritual Hypnosis?

Spiritual Hypnosis is the act of inducing on into a trance state wherein on connects with his own spiritual essence and often has a greater awareness of self as would be the case with a past life regression. When in a state of Spiritual Hypnosis, many experience communication with their guardian angels and some create their own image of heaven. Many are able to heal conditions that under normal circumstances would be considered untreatable or chronic.

Complimentary to Medicine

Intuitive Healing is complementary to medicine. In the future, I foresee that the medical community will be open to Intuitive Healers who can work side by side with medical personnel; assisting by healing the discordant body energies and the causal energy patterns that result in illness or distress.

Some of the issues this work addresses:

abuse fears possession
ADD female problems prosperity
chronic disease
gargoyles shock and trauma
depression infertility stress and tension
eating disorders learning disabilities unexplained entity release
Demons negative life
possession release
Demons panic attacks satanic entities
fatigue weight issues