Recently I  as an Intuitive healer, I worked with a client for what seemed like years.  Her complaints varied from sleeplessness with frequent urination to upset stomach, exhaustion and the list goes on.  I would get her balanced and within a day or so she complained that she was dragging.  I looked for a virus or bacterial challenge; however, I found nothing.  I might add that she frequented doctors with the same complaint and they found that her white blood count was very low and they found a bladder infection.  I was stumped!

My goal is to balance the energies of the body.  However, if the physical body is imbalanced and the medical system is not doing the job, as an Intuitive healer, I will attempt to remedy the problem.  Finally, she “bugged” me once too often and I decided to look up bug frequencies…That is… Parasites…in particular the roundworm.  The Hookworm creates, anemia, cardiac insufficiency that leads to listlessness and laziness.  The Toxicara has symptoms of liver and lung problems and effects joints and muscles.  I f you carry both of these worms, they create a host of symptoms.  I sent the client several frequencies to neutralize these energies suggested the use of an herbal product that would also accomplish the same thing.

Days later…she stopped calling!!!  The symptoms were no longer present.  The worms were gone!!!  Question:  She had gone to see a number of  Doctors, none of whom tested her or diagnosed the condition.  I then started to think had I ever been tested for parasites?  Do I know of anyone who took a medication to remove parasites?  Nooooo….

Technically, as a civilization, we are prone to picking up parasites.  They are passed by our pets, some of the foods that we eat, through the air that we breathe and by insect bites.  The cure for parasites is simple…so easy and the symptoms often mask serious diseases.  Why isn’t a parasite test given to everyone who comes in with symptoms similar to those that my client had?  Let’s face it, most animals that go to a veteranarian are periodically deformed.  Are we so different from other members of the animal kingdom?  WHY can the medical system ignore a destructive energy such as parasites assuming that they do not exist?